Guardian Home

What is a Guardian Home ?

We at Country Ridge! Believe that every dog deserves to have a loving forever home. All of our dogs are part of our family and live in our home rather than kennels so that we know they are living as our treasured family member. Because of this, we offer a Gaurdian Home program for some of our up and coming breeding prospects, we can only have a certain number of dogs living with us ..
A Guardian Home is a permanent home for one of our breeding prospect males or females. Being a Guardian Home gives you the opportunity to have one of our highest quality puppies or dogs to join your family with out the initial expense of purchasing him or her. At the appropriate age, we will utilize the dog in our breeding program periodically. At the end of the breeding commitment, he or she will be neutered or spayed at our expense and returned to you ..

If you feel that you may be a good fit for a Guardian Home, please read the Guardian Home agreement thoroughly and carefully consider the requirements..

Gaurdian Home Agreement
We want the best for all of our dogs and puppies and that’s why we have chosen to utilize a “guardianship program”, it’s quite simple, you get a puppy or an adult dog that we plan to use in our breeding program at no cost to you , it allows the dog to live a normal, family life while being available for our breeding program, we have a few requirements that you need to consider before joining the guardianship program .
1) You must live 2 hours within Gap Pennsylvania. (Some exceptions may apply)
2) You must allow us to take the dog off of your property for the purpose of health testing, breeding or any other reason the breeder deems necessary.
Female: We must be informed immediately when the dog shows signs of starting a heat cycle . The dog in heat is to be kept away from any unaltered dogs at this time and for a few weeks after . During this period of time it is critical to stay in contact to determine the proper breeding time . The first breeding will take place at 18 months or on the second heat cycle . The breeding process is usually about a 4-5 day process and the dog can be left with us or brought each day as directed by us . At 30 days post breeding , pregnancy will be verified . If pregnant , the dog will be brought to us to stay one week prior to the due date and remain with us until the puppies are weaned, usually 7-8 wks. Occasionally, a guardian family may wish to whelp and raise the puppies at their house , this will be considered on a case by case basis, this contract allows 3-4 litters with the dog.
Male: The dog must be available for breeding when the breeder seems necessary. You will be given approximately a week notice prior to needing him for breeding. We will do our best to keep this as convenient as possible.
3) The dog must be kept contained and safe at all times . The dog should be socialized to all kinds of people and other dogs so it will be comfortable when the time comes for him/her to stay with us, the dog should be taught basic obedience in a professional setting and must be well behaved, the dog must be properly groomed and fed and a agreed upon diet and kept at a healthy weight. The dog must be properly vetted and vaccinated on an agreed upon skedule between the breeder and Guardian Home , Vaccination and rabie  shots are to be paid for by us .
5) The dog cannot move out of the area in which we are placing him/her, if it becomes necessary for the guardian home to relocate, if outside of the agreed area, the dog will need to be returned to the breeder until the contract is fulfilled. For this reason, we prefer to place our Guardian Home dogs with people that feel there is no chance of needing to relocate.
6) Once the contract is fulfilled the dogs is yours with no strings attached and will be returned to you spayed or neutered.
If you wish to move forward , please Contact Us via email and we will send you an application.

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