Below you will find pictures and information about the parents of our puppies. These parents are the reason we have such beautiful tri-color and parti Poodles, and they mean the world to us!

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Female Parents


Joyful Jessica
AKC moyen poodle
Pending OFA
100% clear including CDDY IVDD
Merle tri At/At Sp/Sp ky/ky
35lbs 20 inches tall



Mini Bernedoodle
Health tested clear through embark


Lori - Standard Poodle

Standard Poodle
Health tested clear through embark

Lizzie Lou

Lizzie Lou

standard poodle
Embark clear
8/10 sub-loci
atat kyky Ssp Ee

Male Parents

Mozzy Bear

55lbs 24 inches tall
Tested clear through Pawprint
At/At Sp/Sp ky/ky E/e B/b
OFA prelims pending

Country Ridge’s Mozzy Bear – Proud, easy going and laid back pretty much describes Mozzy , our standard poodle stud dog that will be the sire to many of our girls. We do stud him out occasionally, so please contact us if you’re interested.

We Feed Eukanuba

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